Wayward Pines: “Don’t Discuss Your Life Before” (Spoilers)

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Wayward Pines: Episode 2 Book Cover Wayward Pines: Episode 2
May 21, 2015

I knew that this would be an interesting show after I watched the first episode. I couldn't wait for the second one!

So, episode 2 continues where episode 1 left off. Though there are still a lot of unanswered questions, you can get an idea of how Wayward Pines work. Sheriff Pope is forever shady and cruel and I was disappointed that Beverly was killed so early on. I was really hoping she would be able to escape this time!

We also learn that Agent Evans was trying to escape Wayward Pines, but the town and the sheriff caught up with him and killed him, probably the same way that Beverly was killed. But if he was killed in front of the townspeople - why was his body still handcuffed to a bed in a shanty home? Why didn't they at least bury it or get rid of it? Or maybe Sheriff Pope left it there as a reminder for the townspeople that if you break the rules, you too will end up like him? Hmm.

So we know Wayward Pines is a real place with real people, but they didn't explain how people weren't aging/were aging. It's weird. The whole concept of time there is confusing to me and I hope it's explained better in future episodes.

I also want to know more about Adam's involvement. How did he get in contact with Dr. Jenkins? How did he know of Wayward Pines? Is Wayward Pines a place to get rid of people you hate?

Questions aside, I enjoyed this episode as much as the first one and I hope nothing too bad happens to Theresa and Ben!


CL and others: Doctor Pepper Review

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CL: Doctor Pepper Book Cover CL: Doctor Pepper
May 22, 2015

Initial listen, the beat is pretty catchy and I can see someone doing body rolls to it lol. The lyrics are basic, but CL says it like she owns it, so it doesn't sound weird or non-CL. After her rap, she starts singing a little and it reminds me of Rihanna. Not a bad thing, it just made me think of her 'cause I'm sure Rihanna kinda sang like that in one of her songs before ? Maybe, idk.

I also feel like there's an angry-ish tone to the rap part and it probably has to do with the reason behind the song (CL getting mad at Diplo for cancelling a session or whatever). Not surprised that CL used the words "thizz face" in the song since she have used other slangs before, but a Bay Area slang? Has she been researching? Lol. I haven't heard "thizz face" for awhile ever since the Hyphy Movement kinda died down in the Bay. I wonder if she knows what a "thizz face" is though haha.

Riff Raff though... I don't know who he is exactly, but his lyrics didn't make sense to me, like something about flannels and camping with a candle or something other. But like, it fits because the song itself is very random! So, considering that, I don't think this song is supposed to be taken seriously at all. I think it's like a taste of CL and what listeners should be expecting when she releases her album or other singles.

Hopefully, her future releases will be a tad more catchy and with lyrics that aren't just overly repetitive. I know CL can do better than this!


LIS: Chaos Theory Review (SPOILERS)

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Life is Strange: Chaos Theory, Episode 4 Book Cover Life is Strange: Chaos Theory, Episode 4
DONTNOD Entertainment
May 19, 2015

First of all, I had so much trouble downloading this episode for some reason. Downloading episode 2 was a breeze and idk why this one was so difficult lol. And it took forever to download, so I just ended up hogging the TV for the night. I was going to wait to play it today, but I couldn't wait haha.

Anyway, wow. This is my favorite episode so far. And my choices actually aligned with the majority for once! :P The game started getting choppy for me again the longer I played and then it froze when I was reading Max’s journal. I was able to restart it fine, but I’m just wondering if it’s the PS3 or the game to blame for this?

Well, this episode was a little trickier than the previous ones and I got caught only once by David in the locker room because I thought he walked further in the aisle lol. I couldn't tell. I was also kinda annoyed that Mr. Jefferson told Victoria about Max and the whole ordeal from the previous episode mainly because of the petition thing that was on max’s laptop. It didn’t seem like anyone knew that max caused for it to happen and here was Mr. Jefferson telling Victoria of all people. It didn’t seem right to me ?

One thing I didn’t particularly like was the going into the past scene because I DIDN’T want to change anything. After I realized that we’re supposed to really save William and there was no other option, I was like REALLY?! It was definitely cool to see him alive and his relationship with Chloe, but considering all the weird stuff that’s been happening in Arcadia Bay due to Max’s time powers, I was not fond of this part at all.

It just makes me wonder if the same story line will apply now that the future is so different. Is Rachel still missing or is she alive in this alternate future? is Nathan still gross and shady? what else has changed or hasn't changed? if the change is too drastic, will Max try to reverse what she did and have everything go back to ‘normal’ before she time-jumped into the photograph?? so many questions! (I’ll leave this up to the LIS theorists lol).

I also noticed how both of Max’s parents tell her she can come back home anytime and I wonder if Max will actually go back home. Like rewind and rescind her acceptance into Blackwell maybe? Because so much crap has happened and it would be easy for Max to ‘go back’ home…and forget anything happened at all.

Well, these are my thoughts! This episode was very drastic and I am curious as to what the events will lead up to in episode 4!

NOTE: This is a review I originally wrote on Tumblr and I am posting it on here as my first official review! Yay!


New Year, New Look!

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Last night, I caved and bought this awesome theme that I am sure I will cherish for years to come. Instead of wasting money buying new themes all the time, I can stick with this theme and tweak it however I want – hence the name. I was going through a bunch of random book blogs and a majority of them had this theme, so I wanted to know what the heck was going on! Lol. What I love about it is that it comes with 5 different themes that you can edit to your heart’s content, therefore, eliminating the need to keep on buying a new theme every time and the themes I’ve purchased in the past were $35 each. This theme is $65, so it was worth it!

Anyway, I revamped the site not only because it’s a new year, but also to utilize it in a way that will make me want to use it. I’ve started book blogs before, but I never kept up with them (and they were through Tumblr). I’ve been reading a lot and I want to start leaving reviews too. I leave them sporadically on Goodreads, but I want to be more focused with my reviews. So, whenever I finish a book, I will post the review here and then post it onto my Goodreads account. This way, my website isn’t just some empty shell with no love, haha. I think writing reviews will also help me be more analytical with what I read, so it’s a win-win situation.

I may write personal stuff on here once in awhile. Or just updates or something, I don’t know. But I’m just going to call my blog a “personal book blog” for now. Anyway, I’m on summer break now, so I will have more time to read which means reviews may just be coming soon!